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Process Focused

The processes that run your business can always get better. Find out how.

Leverage Managers

We get out of the way and let managers manage - their teams, their data, their training.

Track Progress

Teams see themselves improving or not over time. Managers and operations know how effective their new ideas are.

Simple Installation

Simple and low-cost installation. Perceive’s camera system can be installed by your staff, without any custom wiring or complicated setup.

Retail, Manufacturing, Museums and more

Measure traffic, analyze customer-staff interactions, speed investigations, find patterns for efficiency, and create security and safety alerts.

Our technology is able to find key events in your business, make sense of them, and help you achieve your goals.

Cloud Based Software

Anonymized video data is streamed to the cloud for rapid analysis and low-cost storage. On-prem available at a premium.

Privacy mode - ON! We do not use any facial recognition or wifi tracking.

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Everett Berry
Dr. Yung Lu
Scientific Advisor
Andrew Blejde
Business Advisor

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