We build tools to help your retail staff provide better customer service.

Actionable Metrics

Quality of Customer Interaction

Measure how well the customer was greeted and how much time was spent with them.

Use of Product Knowledge

Help your sales team leverage their product knowledge to sell more.


Feedback is hard. We help your associates directly and work with them to get better.

Simple Installation

Simple and low-cost store installation. Perceive's camera system can be installed by store associates, without any custom wiring or complicated setup.

Deep Learning Meets Brick-And-Mortar

Perceive uses cutting-edge deep learning and computer vision to automatically measure customer-associate interactions.

Our technology is able to discern the key turning points that move a customer from "just browsing" to "I'd like a receipt".

Cloud Based Software

Anonymized video data is streamed from stores to the cloud, enabling rapid analysis and low-cost storage.

Metrics and recommendations are delivered to management and staff through a mobile app.

Our Team

Kyle McNulty
Everett Berry
Dr. Yung Lu
Scientific Advisor
Andrew Blejde
Business Advisor

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