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Perceive is a team of brilliant engineers and business experts that strive to innovate the computer vision field while maintaining our users privacy.

Meet our leadership below.

Everett Berry

Everett Berry

CEO / Engineer

ex Qualcomm Camera Team, ex HP Vertica Analytic Database, Pioneer Award Winner, NSF Principal Investigator

Karen Salay

Karen Salay


ex Oracle, PeopleSoft, SugarCRM, $50M of software sold, 10+ software products launched and scaled

Aaron Michaux

Aaron Michaux


PhD in 3D computer vision, multiple highly cited publications, C++ expert, 2 prior tracking systems

Our Mission Statement

Committed to transforming the world by perfecting computer vision technology to mimic the human eye while remaining committed to maintaining the basic right of privacy.

Engineering team out of Purdue Focus on indentifying actions taking place in video feeds

Built a functioning prototype and began working with a store in Indianapolis to solve some retail challenges

Received SBIR grant to dramatically expand research and commercialization

Validated computer vision technology accurately could detect gaze and gestures

Growing team of engineers and business Adding customers growing customer base

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